The Process

The Process
Step 1: Artwork and Approval Step 2: Permitting Step 3: Order Entry / Manufacturing - Production time begins! Step 4: Shipping Step 5: Installation

Step 1: Artwork and Approval

The time frame for design and approvals can vary greatly depending on the complexity of your project. Other factors that affect the duration of the design phase include the number of signs, as well as the number of decision makers involved in the approval process. It is important to keep in mind that timely decisions and approvals are essential for shorter timelines during the design phase. Our team of designers and sales professionals are skilled, knowledgeable and eager to guide you through this process. Color renderings will be provided for your approval in the final phase of the design process. Once drawings are supplied, it is important that review and approval occur in a timely manner to keep the project on schedule. 

IMPORTANT! Schlosser Signs cannot proceed to the manufacturing stage until all drawings/submittals/message schedules are complete and approved by the customer. You can ensure quicker approvals by having all colors, finishes, sign type options etc. decided prior to final approval of the design. If there are approval delays and/or revision requests, Schlosser will likely have to adjust the completion date accordingly. 

NOTE! Excessive revisions not only extend overall project lead times but may be subject to design fees.

Step 2: Permitting

Most exterior, and some interior, signs require a permit from your city or county. Depending on your area, the permitting process within your municipality could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. DON’T PANIC! Schlosser knows how important deadlines can be to our clients. So, we offer our proceed prior letter to all clients up front. Signing this form gives Schlosser Signs approval to proceed with the fabrication process while your city is processing your permit application. 

NOTE! All projects requiring a permit must have a permit from the city in-hand OR a signed proceed prior letter before fabrication can begin. Please read the proceed prior form carefully and consult with your team before signing. Click on this link, or refer to your Schlosser intro package, to review the proceed prior agreement. Whether or not you decide to go with this option, you can rest assured that our team of professional permit techs will work diligently with your municipality to move your project through permitting efficiently.

Step 3: Order Entry / Manufacturing - Production time begins!

Manufacturing lead times will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project as well as current shop capacity. Our attentive sales staff and project managers will keep you informed of your project’s fabrication lead time. 

TIP! Final and approved message schedules and drawings can help reduce lead times. 

IMPORTANT! Any changes that occur at this stage may incur additional charges in the form of a change order. A change order will halt production while changes go back through the initial client approval process and will likely push out completion date.

Step 4: Shipping

There are many cost and timing factors to consider if your sign must be shipped to you. Surprises can be avoided by weighing your shipping options in advance, so please keep this important step in mind. Your Schlosser representative will be happy to layout out shipping options to aid in your decision. 

NOTE! Due to weight and size price calculation, final shipping costs will not generally be available until the product is created and ready to ship. 

IMPORTANT! To avoid expediting fees, please account for adequate ground transport (from Loveland, CO) when establishing your project time frame.

Step 5: Installation

If your project requires our professional install, Schlosser will work diligently to schedule the best install date for your needs. 

NOTE! Your install will be scheduled based on crew availability and fabrication completion dates. 

TIP! Clients can aid this process by ensuring sites are 100% ready for sign install by any agreed upon dates. Please communicate with Schlosser in advance if the site will not be ready for our crews to install signage. 

IMPORTANT! Additional trip charges will be incurred if Schlosser must make extra trips to the site due to site not being 100% ready for signage install.