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There are three basic types of channel letters: face lit/pan channel letter, backlit/reverse pan channel letter, and open face/exposed channel letter. Face lit letters are made with translucent acrylic faces and illuminated with LEDs. Colored acrylics, vinyl graphics, digital prints and colored LEDs are options that provide a wide range of possibilities for your business image when choosing a face lit channel letter. Back lit letters are made with an aluminum face which does not emit light. Instead, the backs of the letters are made with clear or translucent acrylic which creates a halo effect that projects light out the back of the letters. This classy option can convey different moods with different lighting and paint colors.For a more vintage inspired look, choose an open-faced letter with exposed neon or LED neon flex rope. These letters allow your patrons to see directly into the letter can to admire the vintage inspired lighting within.

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