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Trust Schlosser Signs for Your Denver Business

Schlosser Signs is a leader in sign fabrication, sign installation, and sign maintenance and repair industry in the Denver area. The Schlosser family founded the company over 20 years ago and continues to run it to this day. Since 1999, many local business owners rely on Schlosser Signs for all their internal and external signage needs.

Schlosser Signs Handles Denver Permits and all Sign Installation Requirements

Most cities have laws restricting elements of external signs being built and erected in their area. Some sign making companies, monument sign companies, and outdoor sign contractors make the mistake of ignoring those local city codes and are not compliant with code. Schlosser Signs has been a local Denver sign installation company for many years and are familiar with the city’s sign code requirements. We follow them strictly on all our projects.

You don’t have to worry about being compliant with building regulations when you hire Schlosser Signs. We will get all the permits you need to install any sign. We understand that permit acquisition is a critical part of the sign installation process. We do the due diligence with the city, so your sign installation will be legally installed without delays or issues.

Once you hire Schlosser Signs for your project, we will take care of the rest. No need to worry about locating lines, lane closures, or landlord install approvals. Schlosser Signs takes care of it all. At Schlosser Signs, when we say we are a full-service sign company we mean it.

Schlosser Signs Supplies, Installs, and Repairs Signage

The following types of signs available to you from Schlosser Signs in Denver include:

  • custom neon signs
  • custom outdoor metal signs
  • hanging business signs
  • indoor business signs
  • LED signs
  • modern outdoor signs
  • monument signs
  • outdoor lighted business signs
  • vinyl signs

The possibilities are endless at Schlosser Signs. Get any custom sign you can imagine in any size.

Full-Service Denver Sign Company

Schlosser Signs manufactures, installs, maintains and repairs virtually any type of commercial sign needed by Denver businesses.

Parking Lot and Security Lighting Services

Replacing burned out bulbs in parking lot lights is dangerous work. Schlosser Signs can replace old bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs. We are known as the LED retrofit company in Denver.

Sign Manufacturing

Schlosser Signs manufactures and fabricates all signs in-house. We can create any custom designed signs imaginable.

Sign Repair and Maintenance Contracts

Schlosser Signs is the number one sign repair contractor around. For sign repair and replacement call the experts at Schlosser. Ask us about our maintenance contracts for the best sign presentation all year long.

Most Common Sign Repairs

Schlosser Signs has twenty years of sign repair experience. Over the past two decades, we frequently perform the following repairs in the Colorado area.

  • Repair Shorted Out Wiring in Electrical Signs
  • Replace Burned Out Bulbs
  • Repair Damage to Signs Due to Car Accidents
  • Sign Repair for Wind and Storm Damage

Hire Schlosser Signs in Denver

We offer free consultations, where our design specialist will meet with you to discuss your needs and wants in business signage. Once the requirements are solidified and approved by you, Schlosser will begin the process of creating the sign to your specifications.

Reach out to Schlosser Signs for sign repair, replacement, and LED retrofit. Revitalize your business and brand with custom business signage. A Schlosser Signs team member will be happy to book a free consultation with you. Contact us today for more information.

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