Business Advertising Signs

5 Things to Consider in Your Custom Business Signs  

Are you just starting up a new business? Or are you seeking a fresh look for an already-established one? Whichever is the case, your company needs business advertising signs in order to generate both new and repeat sales.

Signs are an important means of creating customer awareness of your company. Before you purchase a signage system, however, here are 5 things to consider in your custom business signs.

1. Location — Signs let potential customers know where you are located. They should be prominently and conveniently placed in order to draw in both casual foot traffic as well as passing vehicular traffic.

2. Materials — The signs you choose should be made of materials that are appropriate to where they are installed. Whether for exterior or interior sites, they should be durable. If they are exterior signs, they should hold up well in all kinds of weather and in all seasons. Also, the materials you choose should be installed properly. Whether installed on a grassy lawn, on a cement sidewalk or on a building wall, make sure they are fastened down securely. If you are located in a high-wind area, such as a coastal community, this is doubly important.

3. Attractiveness — Your signs should be eye-catching and well-designed. They should create a powerful first impression. Whether wooden, stone, HDU (high density urethane), LED  or neon, you can choose a shape for your signs that is either simple or more complex. You can choose a natural rustic look, a country cottage look or a more elegant and architectural style. You can opt for individual block lettering or a more elegant cursive script. Just be sure it is legible —s ome cursive lettering can be confusing to read, such as distinguishing between the letter g and the letter q, the number 3 and the number 8. Many colors are available, as well as a variety of finishes. You may also want to consider illuminating your sign for a 24-hour visibility, for such businesses as restaurants and gas stations.

4. Communication — Your signage system should tell customers a lot of things about your business, such as who you are and what products or services you have to offer. You can add your company’s logo or any other custom-designed image that identifies your business. You may even wish to tell potential customers your hours of operation.

5. Restrictions — Different states have different restrictions regarding business signage. These regulations can limit the size, shape and height of your signs. Other restrictions can apply to materials used, illumination, energy usage, site placement and even installation methods. In addition to state requirements, local communities may have their own set of business signage zoning laws. Be sure to check both state and local laws in your area before making your final sign selection.

Whatever type or style of business advertising signs you choose for your company, they should be creatively designed and property installed. These 5 things to consider in your custom business signs that will make the selection process easier.