Maintenance Contracts Protect exterior Signage

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Business owners and facility managers are busy enough without worrying about their signage. Schlosser Signs can eliminate the worry with a maintenance contract.  Maintenance contracts are a proactive, no-hassle way to keep signs and outdoor lighting looking good and working properly all the time.

Signs break down, sustain damage, and lights burn out. However, you can prepare for these problems by signing a maintenance contract to keep signs and lights in good working order. Schlosser Signs offers two sign maintenance options, Night Patrol Maintenance Contract, and Full-Service Maintenance Contract.

Night Patrol Maintenance Contract

Set Monthly Fee and Discounted Repairs

For a set monthly fee, we will visit the sign locations to photograph and check exterior signs and lighting for outages. If repairs are warranted, a crew returns to make repairs. With the Night Patrol Maintenance Contract, you will enjoy a special discount rate for material and time required for repairs. If repairs are not needed, you only pay for the night patrol.

Customized Contracts

Maintenance Contracts are customized to each client. You decide the length of the contract and the frequency of night patrols (weekly or monthly). In addition, you may place not to exceed limits on the amount of on-site repair work. Services are invoiced once a month.

Full-Service Maintenance Contract

Schlosser Signs also offers a Full-Service Maintenance Contract. Fees are the same each month and include patrols and repairs. Regardless of what goes out or breaks, your bill is consistent. It’s easier to budget and you will not face a huge repair bill when cash flow is tight. 

Benefits of Sign Maintenance Contracts

Your business signs are a reflection of you and your business. Broken, damaged or otherwise malfunctioning signs may give a bad impression. Since the purpose of your sign is to advertise your business and turn prospects into actual customers, you want it to be at peak performance.

Sure, you could check the signs yourself. If you only have a few, that may be feasible. But do you really have time to drive around, checking those signs for damage? Signs will eventually need repair, so why not take advantage of our maintenance contracts?

Some of the many reasons why you should get a maintenance contract with Schlosser Signs include:

  • Peace of mind knowing your signs are in good working order
  • Worry-free signage and lighting
  • No internal paperwork or approvals 
  • Avoid embarrassing customer calls about outages
  • Lower repair and material costs
  • Fully functioning signs and lights attract more customers
  • Location remains safely lit reducing liability for onsite customers
  • Fewer workers’ compensation claims

Trust the Sign Professionals

When it comes to signs, Schlosser does it all. From design to maintenance, you can trust us to be your full-service, expert sign company from beginning to end.

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