Thornton sign company creates custom design-build signage

Serving Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska

Thornton Sign Company Is Full-Service

Schlosser Signs, Inc. is a design, manufacturing, installation and service contractor in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. The Thornton sign company was founded in Loveland by the Schlosser family in 1999. Since then, Schlosser has grown from the three founders working out of the family garage to several facilities housing a full-service commercial sign shop. Schlosser Signs serves local, regional and national clients.

The experienced team at Schlosser offers a full range of sign services, including designing, manufacturing, and installing a wide variety of interior and exterior signage. In 2009 we celebrated our 10th Anniversary by buying and moving our headquarters to a facility in Loveland off I-25.  

Reputation for Excellent Sign Service

Schlosser provided full-service sign services from the beginning. We understand how important each piece of the puzzle can be to you and are here to help you through the process.

We will assist you in designing your sign, if necessary. We’ll custom-build it to your specifications, then install it in the right location. Moreover, as the natural wear and tear on the sign start to have effects on the functionality or appearance of your sign, we can repair it too. Schlosser Signs strives for excellence in all our sign services.

Maintenance Contracts 

Many business owners and operations managers in Thornton need a reliable company to maintain their signs and high pole lights. That is why Schlosser Signs developed a proactive maintenance service program for businesses.

When you sign up for our sign maintenance, you will know that your signs will remain functional and look great for the duration. We will inspect your signs on a regular basis for damages and repair them in accordance with the contract. We’ll also replace any burned out bulbs. Moreover, subscribers get preferred repair pricing for on-the-spot sign repair and bulb installation. You can be confident that your signage will always look and function as it should without you needing to worry about it. 

Reliable Repair Shop for Thornton Signs

Schlosser Signs builds signs that require minimal upkeep. However, signs do need repair over time.  Neon signs can leak gas. Electrical signs can short out. Light bulbs burn out, too.  Damage from wind, storms, and other natural occurrences can happen. Some signs are even damaged in vehicle accidents. Schlosser Signs can repair your sign, regardless of the cause.

Signs Built to Last

At Schlosser Signs, our goal is to design, produce, and maintain signs that continue to attract customers for our clients. A business sign is one of your wisest investments in advertising your brand. This Thornton sign company strives to be the sign company of choice for many companies just like yours.

Ready to Get Started?

When you are ready to start the sign buying process, one of our sales consultants can meet with you to review your ideas and concerns and give guidance and recommendations, based on your needs and budget. This initial consultation is free of charge to you. 

Our sign experts will help you select the right type of sign, sign size, and best placement considering your specific situation and your sign ideas. We will also advise you on specific Thornton permits required. Don’t worry--we will handle that process for you, completing and submitting all necessary documentation for compliance. 

Set up an initial consultation today to get started!